When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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DIVORCE POISON: Critical Acclaim

In this powerful book, Dr. Warshak clearly identifies and describes the devastating effects of parental alienation on children. With the wisdom and insight of years of professional experience, he shows parents how to avoid the painful repercussions that result when a child becomes the pawn of parental conflicts. If you're divorced and you love your child, read this book!"

—Constance R. Ahrons, Ph.D., author of The Good Divorce and Senior Scholar, Council on Contemporary Families

Dr. Warshak's sympathy for mothers, fathers, and relatives struggling to maintain their children's affection is outweighed only by his compassion for the children themselves. Divorce Poison is his eloquent plea for parents to take the high road and protect kids from acrimony. He shows what can happen when parents battle for their children's hearts and souls and, most important, he offers practical and effective solutions to help parents maintain their children's love and respect. A powerful contribution destined to become a classic resource for all adults whose lives have been touched by divorce.

—Michael Gurian, author of The Wonder of Boys

This essential resource and guide offers valuable advice, especially for those times when the going gets tough with your ex. It also helps you understand and heal your own hurts without hurting the children you love.

—Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and I'm Okay . . . You're a Brat!

Divorce Poison is a breakthrough book. Original, well-written, balanced, and filled with insights, it is the perfect book for any parent who has been the victim of bad-mouthing. Prior to Divorce Poison, the common wisdom for a bad-mouthed parent was to say nothing. Dr. Warshak explains why that is like leaving the poison in your child's system; he helps parents identify and respond to bad-mouthing in a way that benefits the child.

—Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of Father and Child Reunion and Why Men Are the Way They Are

This book deals with the deep and disturbing issues of divorce: bad-mouthing, bashing, and brainwashing, violence and vengeance, retaliation and revenge, parental alienation, false allegations of abuse. Easy to read and understand cases reveal the seamy side of post-divorce relations and amply illustrate the damage parents can inflict on their children. Specific rules and recommendations, based on the author's extensive clinical experience and warm wisdom, provide guidance for how parents can avoid such divorce poison. This book should be required reading for every parent, the week after they leave divorce court. It will help them protect their children's interests from their own retaliatory impulses or their ex-spouse's vengeful behavior.

—Alison Clarke-Stewart, Ph.D., professor of psychology and social behavior and associate dean for research, University of California, Irvine, and author of Daycare

In this engaging book, Richard Warshak skillfully draws attention to the devastating consequences of a poorly recognized form of child abuse: parental alienation. He has filled Divorce Poison with clear, poignant, concrete, and well-reasoned advice for parents who must confront the malignant effects of parental alienation on relationships with their children and on the children themselves. Every divorcing parent should read Divorce Poison closely, examine their own behavior critically, and take steps to minimize alienation and its effects.

—Michael E. Lamb, Ph.D., National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Family courts struggle daily to address the needs of children who reject a parent after divorce or separation, but there are few resources to help parents deal with day-to-day situations. Dr. Warshak provides skillful coaching to parents who are the targets of divorce poison on how to protect their relationships with their children. His book will prove equally valuable to those who advise parents, including family lawyers, therapists, mediators and parent educators. Dr. Warshak also helps parents distinguish divorce poison from other relationship difficulties and advises parents who are falsely accused of alienating their children from the other parent."

—Leslie Ellen Shear, J.D. Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

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A great book for both parents and professionals on a previously neglected topic by an outstanding clinician/researcher."

—Henry Biller, Ph.D., professor of psychology, University of Rhode Island, and author of The Father Factor

Always painful, divorce can turn lethal when one parent attempts to poison the children against an ex-spouse. In this balanced, compassionate book, Richard Warshak offers vital advice to those caught in the emotional maelstrom of a bitter divorce.

—Mark Pendergrast, author of Victims of Memory

Divorce Poison is long overdue. The mere fact of a divorce does not have to damage children; however, an all-out war between the parents has a very good chance of wreaking havoc. This book recognizes the critical importance of every child's having a relationship with both parents.

—Karen DeCrow, attorney and past president, National Organization for Women

This incredible book extends our understanding of parental alienation in a meaningful way. Every parent-even if not separated or divorced-will see himself or herself in this book and learn from it. This powerful book will influence parents, professionals, courts, and legislatures for years to come.

—David L. Levy, J.D., president, Children's Rights Council

Just about every parent who's been through a divorce knows how tempting it is to say something nasty to the kids about the other parent. But blinded by their anger, too few of these parents realize the damage they're doing to their children. Divorce Poison is an absolute must-read for any parent going through a divorce. In it, Warshak lays bare the evils of parental alienation and gives readers the knowledge they need to defend themselves-and their children-against it.

—Armin Brott, author of The Expectant Father and The Single Father

This book is a testament to Dr. Warshak's vast experience, erudition, and deep commitment to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the various categories of alienated children.

—Richard A. Gardner, M.D., clinical professor of child psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

This book fills a need for those concerned with divorce in our culture, particularly divorces that have resulted in extreme hostility, which is so harmful to children and others involved. It is a much-needed wake-up call for neglectful parents and a supportive resource for parents who are striving to meet their children's needs.

—Emily B. Visher, Ph.D. and John S. Visher, M.D., co-founders of Stepfamily Association of America and authors of How to Win as a Stepfamily

Richard Warshak's Divorce Poison is a must read for every parent involved in a hostile divorce. He clearly spells out the problems and the devastating effects vindictiveness can have on the child, then provides a wealth of information to help parents change for the better.

—Dr. John W. Santrock, professor of psychology, University of Texas at Dallas

Divorce can be ugly, and in the ugliest divorces, one parent destroys children's relationships with their mother or father. Divorce Poison offers clear, practical, and even-handed advice on this incredibly difficult problem. The first step? Look inward. Protect your children by finding an antidote for your own poison and by swallowing a little more from your ex.

—Robert E. Emery, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Children, Families, and the Law, University of Virginia, and author of Renegotiating Family Relationships

Skillfully draws attention to the devastating consequences of a poorly recognized form of child abuse—parental alienation. . . . Filled with clear advice.

—Michael E. Lamb, Ph.D., National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

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