When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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Don’t believe that children can be brainwashed? Watch this.


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Quotation Marks. I provide the following links because I think they may have some value and interest to visitors to my website. The inclusion of a link on this page in no way represents my endorsement of the entire website to which you will be taken or of the person or groups sponsoring the Website. There may well be content (past, present, and future) on the linked website that I oppose. Naturally, I have no control over the content of other websites and no control over links placed on those websites to other sites.

The inclusion of a resource on this page is no indication of any affiliation between the listed website and me. Before constructing these pages, I faced the dilemma of directing people to resources (e.g., websites and books) that might prove valuable to them, versus withholding this information in the interest of shielding myself from accusations of being affiliated with these resources or being in agreement with all of their statements and actions.

As you can see by the existence of this page, I chose to err in the direction of helping people who are searching for more information. I trust that those who attempt to misrepresent my work will be confronted with the above clarification and that my listing these resources will be considered in the proper context and not be misconstrued.

Programming, Brainwashing, and Indoctrination

The Children's Rights Institute

The mission of The Children's Rights Institute is to raise awareness about and legally combat violations of children’s basic human rights as occurring throughout the globe. CRI has a special focus on the incitement and recruitment of children to become suicide bombers, child soldiers and child shields.

As I discuss in Chapter 7 of Divorce Poison, the existence of child terrorist suicide bombers is an extreme example and strong testament to children’s susceptibility to adult influence in developing hatred toward others.

A shocking demonstration of the indoctrination of a 3½-year-old Arab girl to hate Jews. This video is perhaps the most effective rebuttal to those who deny the possibility that children can be brainwashed into hatred. Watch

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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

A national clearinghouse of information and assistance on missing, abducted, and exploited children.

PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together)

An international, non-profit organization founded by Lady Meyer, wife of the former British Ambassador to the United States. PACT's mission is to fight parental child abduction across frontiers by raising awareness of the problem and promoting the location and retrieval of missing children.

Reunite International Child Abduction Centre

The UK's leading charity specializing in international parental child abduction offers advice for preventing and responding to a parent's abduction of a child.

U.S. Department of State, National Passport Information Center

If you fear that your child might be taken abducted and taken abroad, you can place your child’s name in The Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program. If an application is received, you will be informed before the passport is issued. The Department’s Passport Lookout System gives all U.S. passport agencies as well as U.S. embassies and consulates abroad an alert on a child’s name if a parent or guardian registers an objection to passport issuance for his or her child.  This procedure provides parents advance warning of possible plans for international travel with the child.

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Abusive Relationships

Domestic Violence Resource Center

An Oregon-based site for people dealing with partner abuse.

Men's Aid

Provides free advice and support to men who have been abused.

Women's Aid

UK charity for women and children experiencing physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in their homes.

Custody, Coparenting, Divorce, and Parental Alienation

Bonus Families

Offers conflict management, support, and education to people attempting to combine families after a divorce or separation. An excellent resource for people with questions and problems about relating to an ex or an ex’s new partner.

Children’s Rights Council

Works to assure a child the frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with two parents and extended family the child would normally have during a marriage.


A Jewish support and lobby group established in the United Kingdom that promotes improved relationships between divorced parents and their children. The website offers valuable publications and a list of UK family law case citations relevant to parental alienation.

National Association of Non-Custodial Moms

Dedicated to providing a community of emotional support to non-custodial moms through the provision of educational and supportive resources.

National Committee of Grandparents for Children’s Rights

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization

Educates the general public, schools, police, mental health counselors, religious leaders, as well as the perpetrators who may be unaware of how these behaviors harm children.

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Southern England Psychological Services

This site offers many online articles on parental alienation syndrome.

Support for Parental Alienation

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Ambiguous Loss

Divorce Poison: How To Protect Your Family From Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing discusses the ambiguous loss suffered by rejected parents who have lost touch with their children. Unlike the death of a loved one, which allows a normal mourning process, rejected parents cannot reach closure because they do not know if they will ever recover contact. This website describes the types of ambiguous loss and provides a bibliography of resources for understanding this problem.

Weight Loss Buddy

This weight loss headquarters allows you to pair up with someone so that you can provide mutual encouragement and support for weight loss. Such support has been found to be a key ingredient in successful behavior change.

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