When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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CR09 - Child Custody: Reform, Research, and Common Sense: Testimony to U.S. Commission

In April 1995, Dr. Warshak was invited to testify before a hearing on custody and visitation conducted by the U.S. Commission on Child and Family Welfare. His remarks offer a detailed, but concise and clear review of the major conclusions reached by divorce researchers and seven specific recommendations to maximize the well-being of children after divorce.

Among the topics covered are the harm caused by conventional approaches to custody and access, the short and long term effects of divorce on children--particularly the erosion of father-child relationships, father-custody homes, factors associated with better outcomes in children, the feasibility of joint custody, parents' and children's reactions to joint custody, and the link between joint custody and child support compliance. Dr. Warshak advises the Commissioners to reject a primary caretaker standard. A two-page summary, two appendices, and 50 reference citations are included.

CR09, Included in bundle CR55

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