When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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CR19 - Father-Custody Families

This book chapter describes characteristics of father-custody families, including the children's and parents' reactions. Unique problems of father-custody families are discussed such as the prejudice faced by custodial fathers and non custodial mothers in our society.

The second half of the chapter describes how psychotherapists can assist father-custody families. The discussion stresses the importance of having flexible guidelines for children's post-divorce living arrangements, promoting co parenting relationships, and preparing the children for the separation.

There are sections on facilitating the mother-child relationship, the father-child relationship, and strengthening support systems. Strategies for accomplishing these therapeutic goals are presented and illustrated with case studies. Although this chapter appeared in a book for therapists, for the most part the language is non-technical and can be understood by parents and attorneys without training in psychology.

This article is no longer available.

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