When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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CR20 - Obstacles and Controversies in the Pursuit of Children's Best Interests

This pamphlet is an expanded version of an enthusiastically received keynote address delivered by Dr. Warshak in Arizona in 2000. It proposes the types of reforms necessary for parents, professionals, and courts to better define the best interests of children.

Obstacles and Controversies in the Pursuit of Children's Best Interests Pamphlet Cover.Dr. Warshak calls for more diligence in custody evaluations and in reviews of the literature. He criticizes policies which automatically discourage joint custody when divorcing parents are in conflict. He demonstrates how false beliefs which harm children come to be accepted as established authoritative wisdom.

The discussion covers a wide ground, including Dr. Warshak's views on relocation, parental alienation syndrome, and overnight access between young children and their parents. He proposes a new paradigm of collaboration in research, custody evaluations, and the legal process of divorce. The pamphlet closes on an optimistic note, with predictions ofspecificareas in which custody practices and policy will improve.

CR20, pamphlet
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