When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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CR25 - Who Will Be There When I Cry In the Night? - Revisiting Overnights

This journal article is a follow-up to CR21. It was written as a rejoinder to an article that attempted to refute the conclusions drawn in the Blanket Restrictions article.

Who Will Be There When I Cry In the Night? - Revisiting Overnights Journal Article Cover.This article makes the strong case that an accurate and balanced account of the entire scientific literature relevant to the issue of overnights reveals the lack of scientific and logical justification for blanket restrictions and supports the conclusion that caution should be exercised before depriving children of a valuable experience that can help sustain their normal interaction with both parents.

If you are involved in litigation, this article may be important because it refutes objections that may be raised regarding the Blanket Restrictions article. Includes citations to 35 references. 12 journal pages

CR25, journal article
Included in bundle CR54

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