When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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Divorce Poison/Parental Alienation/Parental Alienation Syndrome
  • allegations of alienation in celebrity custody disputes
  • child abductions
  • understanding alienated children
  • understanding parental alienation processes
  • preventing alienation and estrangement
  • overcoming alienation and estrangement
  • reuniting parents with their estranged adult children
  • therapeutic management of parental alienation in families
  • judicial management of parental alienation in families
  • Family Bridges: A Workshop for Troubled and Alienated Parent-Child Relationships™
  • controversies regarding parental alienation syndrome
Child Custody, Divorce, and Stepfamilies – General
  • celebrity divorces and custody disputes
  • psychological trauma to children of extensive media attention
  • how to talk to your children about the other parent
  • the Warshak Test for distinguishing between helpful and harmful criticism of a parent
  • impact of divorce on children and adolescents
  • child development in stepfamilies
  • father custody
  • mother custody
  • joint custody
  • mothers without custody
  • coping with the stress of single parenting
  • relocation cases
  • when children ask to move from mom’s house to dad’s
  • parenting plans for infants and young children
  • child custody evaluation procedures
  • benefits and hazards of involving children in custody decisions
  • evaluating child custody evaluators
  • ethical issues in child custody evaluations
  • writing effective custody evaluation reports
  • child custody consultations
  • bias in child custody evaluations and consultations
  • pediatric consultations with divorcing families
  • divorce mediation
  • collaborative divorce
  • child support compliance
  • the American Law Institute’s approximation rule proposal
  • holidays in divorced families
  • how to tell your children about your divorce
  • should children decide custody?
  • preparing children for summer contacts with the other parent
  • tips for stepparents
  • tips for remarried parents
Child Psychology and Parenting
  • self-esteem in children and adolescents
  • depression in children
  • anxiety in children
  • shy children
  • children who lie
  • bipolar disorder in children
  • sibling rivalry
  • managing your child’s difficult behavior
  • teen dating tips for parents
  • suggestibility in children
  • childhood sexual behavior
  • child sex abuse
  • coping with sexual abuse of children
  • evaluating sex abuse allegations
  • myths in abuse and neglect cases
  • empty nest syndrome
  • school anxiety
  • preparing your child for back-to-school and first-day fears
  • teacher-student conflicts
  • children who overeat
  • talking to children about trauma, e.g., the Columbia Shuttle tragedy, 9/11
  • talking to your children about sex
  • dealing with children’s misbehavior in public
  • helping children cope with trauma
  • helping children cope with anxiety about war and terrorism
  • how to tell when things are going well...and what to do when they’re not
  • when to consult a child psychologist
  • a psychological analysis of Batman
General Psychology and Mental Health
  • adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • emotional affairs
  • keeping New Year’s resolutions
  • reducing holiday stress
  • coping with job loss
  • managing war-related anxiety
  • coping with general anxiety
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • memory and recall



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