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Expert Witness

. Dr. Warshak receives numerous requests to testify as an expert witness in hearings related to custody, childhood trauma, and personal injury. He agrees to do so only in a very few select cases. In some cases his testimony provides general information on issues that may be relevant to the case, such as the psychology of alienated children and options for dealing with families with alienated children. In some instances he will review and analyze various case documents and provide his impressions of how these documents relate to the substance of his testimony.

. Most often when clients live outside the vicinity of Dallas the initial consultation is conducted by phone, although clients are certainly welcome to schedule an office appointment. In some cases, clients elect to have the consultation take place at their location if they choose to incur the additional fees and expenses associated with Dr. Warshak’s travel.

. In most cases clients report that Dr. Warshak’s feedback during the initial consultation was very helpful and they believe that it has given them a useful understanding of how best to proceed. In some cases, though, clients may be disappointed if Dr. Warshak does not agree to serve as an expert witness, write reports or critiques of evaluations, etc. Also, Dr. Warshak generally avoids serving as an expert witness in cases where either party is not represented by a lawyer.

. To explore the possibility of Dr. Warshak’s participation in a case, the attorney or parent should arrange an initial consultation. Dr. Warshak will not read unsolicited case material nor discuss case-specific information outside the context of an initial consultation. A brief email, letter, or telephone inquiry regarding his availability to participate in a case, without a formal scheduled consultation, will not keep Dr. Warshak from considering involvement in a case at the request of the opposing party.

. In many cases, Dr. Warshak’s services are sought by both sides in the litigation, and by mental health professionals who want to discuss their participation in the case, such as court-appointed custody evaluators seeking consultation regarding their work in the case. For this reason, prior to arranging the initial consultation, Dr. Warshak requires the names of the litigants, and the names of all attorneys and mental health professionals involved in the case so that he can check for conflicts. Also, if there are Court dates already set when you anticipate needing Dr. Warshak’s services, you can let him know in advance so that he can advise you of his potential availability prior to arranging the initial consultation.

. Dr. Warshak’s participation in an initial consultation in no way obligates him to take on a case. He may decide not to involve himself further because of the nature of the case or the constraints of his schedule.

. Dr. Warshak spends many hours each week doing work without direct financial compensation, such as providing pro bono services, conducting research, and preparing articles for academic and professional journals and books. With rare exceptions, though, he reserves the service portion of his pro bono work for providing advice to parents and for providing educational and psychological services to assist children and families rather than for expert witness services.

. Email Dr. Warshak with inquiries and requests for his full Curriculum Vitae.

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