When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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RESOURCES: Books, Videos, Websites, Support Groups

Descriptions and Links to Helpful Resources

The inclusion of a book or website in this section in no way represents my complete endorsement of the resource. There may be aspects of a book with which I disagree. There may be content (past, present, and future) on the linked website that I oppose. Naturally, I have no control over the content of other websites and no control over links placed on those websites to other sites.

Before constructing these pages, I faced the dilemma of directing people to resources (e.g., books and websites) that might prove valuable to them, versus withholding this information in the interest of shielding myself from accusations of being affiliated with these resources or being in agreement with all of their statements and actions.

As you can see by the existence of this page, I chose to err in the direction of helping people who are searching for more information. I trust that those who attempt to misrepresent my work will be confronted with the above clarification and that my listing these resources will be considered in the proper context and not be misconstrued.

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