When Kids Need to Know Bad Things About a Parent
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Books, Articles, Videos, and Speeches by Dr. Richard A. Warshak

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CR55 - Child Custody and Divorce Resource Bundle


This collection of 12 items consists of Dr. Warshak's publications relevant to father custody, joint custody, mother custody, and children's role in custody decisions. The collection includes three journal articles, a law review article, a very brief book chapter, an article published by the American Bar Association, four pamphlets based on speeches, one DVD, and a transcript of testimony to the U.S. Commission on Child and Family Welfare.

CR03 - Father Custody and Child Development: A Review and Analysis of Psychological Research
CR04 - How Children Fare in Father Custody Homes
CR05 - The Custody Revolution: Beyond Fathers' Rights and Mothers' Rights
CR07 - Joint Custody Is Feasible
CR08 - Keeping Fathers Involved
CR09 - Child Custody: Reform, Research, & Common Sense: Testimony to U.S. Commission
CR12 - Gender Bias in Child Custody Decisions
CR14 - The Primary Parent Presumption: Primarily Meaningless
CR20 - Obstacles and Controversies in the Pursuit of Children's Best Interests
CR28 - Payoffs and Pitfalls of Listening to Children
CR30 - Benefits and Hazards of Involving Children in Custody Decisions
CR43 - Parenting By The Clock: The Best-Interest-of-The-Child Standard, Judicial Discretion, and the American Law Institute's "Approximation Rule"

CR55, collection of 12 items
Price: $49.95

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